Brewing and Distilleries

The number of different varieties of beer continues to grow yearly as people formulate new flavors from chili beer to fruit beer, hemp beer, love beer, and many others.  What does this mean? All of these flavors of beer go through the same basic formulation process, but use a wide range of ingredients.  Everything from highly abrasive substances to sensitive substances that require a gentle and low-pulsation pump.

Moyno progressing cavity pumps can handle these demands and keep the ingredients with the appropriate structure.  The low-shear capabilities of the Moyno pumps make it possible to pump corn and fruit, which are the bases of many alcoholic drinks, in the structure required to maintain the ingredients' quality. The metering capabilities of the pumps can pecisely pump necessary additives in the process as well such as hops and other grains.

The low-shear and non-pulsating features of the Moyno pumps are also beneficial when pumping yeast so the intrinsic properties are not destroyed. During the manufacturing process yeasts give off oxygen which can vapor lock alternative methods of pumping.  Moyno progressing cavity pumps do not vapor lock and are gentle on the yeast with the low-shear capabilities to not break down the fermentation process.

The following Moyno products can be effectively utilized in this application:

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