Meat Processing

Meat processing applications adhere to numerous laws and regulations that must be followed throughout the entire process. Moyno pumps are CIP capable and comply with 3-A Santiary and FDA regulations. These regulations are enforced to safeguard the quality of meat with check points for ensuring unacceptable meat does not reach the end consumer, but is instead sorted out.  These pumps can easily be disassembled for easy, thorough, regular cleaning.

Moyno progressing cavity pumps are often found in meat processing facilities to pump unused animal blood. Moyno pumps can handle the abrasiveness of the minerals found in the blood as well as provide a low-shear pumping solution to ensure the red and white blood cells do not mix throughout the process.  After going through a Moyno progressing cavity pump the red and white blood are able to be separated and used in other products such as pharmaceuticals and edible protein.

Progressing cavity pumps are well suited for pumping sausage, chicken, and other prepared meats. The ability to pump the meat mixture with a low level of shearing results in a higher quality of meat. Animal bones and other meat by-products can also be transfered using Moyno progressing cavity pumps. Meats, fats, and other ingredients can be pumped without mixing together.

The following Moyno products can be effectively utilized in this application:

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