Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT)

LACT units are an arrangement of equipment designed for the unattended transfer of liquid hydrocarbons from the producer to a pipeline owner. Individual units are typically designed for the application it will be used for since there are a variety of conditions, gravities, and other specifications that need to be taken into consideration. There are several basic components that are included in each which include the charge pump, BS&W probe, sampling system, 3-way diverter valve, and meter. The BS&W probe determines the amount of water and sediment in the line before it continues to the diverter valve which determines where the oil is transferred depending on the amount of water and sediment.

Moyno progressing cavity pumps are used on the discharge side of some LACT units to push the oil into the high pressure pipelines.

The Moyno pumps, with smooth, non-pulsating flow, can be installed in the same remote building/structure as the LACT unit without disturbing its function or calibration. The Moyno pump provides the best overall value and is the most reliable pumping option on the discharge side of the LACT units.

oil gas

The following Moyno products can be effectively utilized for this application.

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