Produced Water

In the oil industry the largest toxic byproduct is produced water. Produced water is the briny fluid that is trapped in oil reservoirs. Generally it is loaded with chemicals, heavy metals, and residual oil. More and more produced water is created as oil fields age and the disposal is one of the largest costs incurred by oil companies. The produced water must be trucked off site to treatment facilities or pumped into underground disposal wells. Over half of the produced water generated annually is currently being pumped into disposal wells.

Progressing cavity pumps can be used to pump the produced water to storage tanks or into the above mentioned disposal wells. Occasionally the produced water is re-injected into the formation with chemicals to aid in the extraction of additional oil. Moyno progressing cavity pumps can be used to re-inject the produced water.

oil gas

The Moyno 2000 G1 pump can be effectively utilized for this applicaiton.

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