Cooked Starch

When starch is cooked the viscosity levels increase and it is given a cationic charge.  This charge gives the cooked starch natural adhesions properties so that it can bond with the paper fibers.Cooked starch can be used at the wet end of the paper slurry to enhance the paper strength. It acts as a binder for additives such as calcium and TiO2.

The cooked starch can also be utilized in a treatment know as sizing. This process involves applying a thin layer of starch during the drying stage of paper production. This is completed in the size press portion of the paper machine. The purpose of this treatment is to fill voids in paper sheets which allows printing inks to stay on top of the paper rather then penetrating into the sheet. The result is sized paper that allows for higher printing speeds and a clearer image.

Moyno offers a wide range of pumps with elastomeric stators capable of the temperatures associated with cooked starch (190- 200 degrees F) and the boil outs that are sometimes necessary.

The following Moyno products can be effectively utilized in this process.

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