Liquors are chemical solutions used in the manufacturing of pulp which change composition as they pass through each stage in the paper development process. These stages include digesting through washing, evaporation, incineration, recausticizing, and those used in the bleach plant. In the kraft process, black liquor is the used cooking liquid that is drained from the pulp and transferred to boilers. Green liquor from the dissolving tank is then clarified to remove insoluble materials consisting of unburned carbon and inorganic impurities which are mostly calcium and iron compounds. The insoluble materials settle out of the liquor in the clarifier and are pumped out in a slurry form using progressing cavity pumps.

The causticizing process converts the sodium carbonate in the green liquor to active sodium hydroxide.  This process transforms green liquor into white liquor. White liquor is clarrified to remove any traces of precipitated lime mud, which if not removed, will cause discoloration in the paper. Moyno progressing cavity pumps are used in handling a variety of liquor applications in the pulp and paper market.

The following Moyno products can be effectively utilized in this process.

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