Moyno Tri-Phaze

The multiphase fluid produced from many oil and gas wells is composed of varying ratios of oil, water, gas and in many cases, small amounts of sand and paraffin. Traditional multiphase fluid transfer involves the use of separation equipment and compressors at the wellsite or satellite to separate the oil, water and gas. The gas can be flared off and the separated fluids are then transferred via multiple pipelines, barges or trucks to a central processing station.

An older well is likely to have a gas volume fraction (GVF) which has increased over the years causing production to become marginal. The costs to install, operate and maintain the traditional multiphase fluid transfer equipment may not be justified by the production from the well or field.

Recently, efforts have been made to develop pumps capable of handling multiphase fluids. However, results indicate that most types of pumps are restricted by their inability to automatically adjust to rapidly fluctuating gas-to-liquid ratios. They can't handle sand or other solids in suspension or efficiently pump fluids with varying API gravities. Many have a tendency to emulsify the fluid making separation much more difficult.

Prompted by a market need for a more efficient multiphase fluid transfer solution, Moyno, Inc. developed the breakthrough Moyno Tri-Phaze® System. Its patented progressing cavity design effectively pumps oil, gas and water from the wellsite or satellite through a single pipeline to a remote processing station without degradation or emulsification of the fluids. It effectively transfers multiphase flows up to 80,000 BPD and differential pressures up to 1,350 psi.

The progressing cavity design consists of a single-threaded, external helix (rotor) turning within a double-threaded internal helix (stator). As the rotor turns within the stator, cavities are formed that progress from the suction to the discharge end of the pump. The fluid flows in a spiral path through the pump not far removed from a straight line. The resulting low shear pumping action will not emulsify the oil and water phases, therefore making separation easier at the processing station.

By significantly lowering wellhead pressures, the Moyno Tri-Phaze System has been proven to increase production of even marginal wells. Furthermore, it can handle high gas volume fractions, high sand percent, aromatics, changes in API gravity, and H2S gas.


  • Uses a small electric motor that operates at slower speeds
  • The patented design handles high gas volume fractions without premature breakdown of the stator due to excessive heat build-up.
  • When compared to a new battery installation for a new or exisiting formation, the Moyno Tri-Phaze System costs less to install, maintain and operate, and is environmentally friendly.
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